Let’s raise a toast to all the beautiful women residing coast to coast. From light to brown but, fuck skin tone. Because what’s on the inside? That’s what matters the most… and it’s coming. Am I less of a stud because my figure gets shown off? Or less of a fem because my hair refuses to move when I talk? Or am I just, a woman? Labels cannot define this girl. From my purple underwear to my boxer briefs to the product I use to make my hair curl. Me? This Chick? Is still a woman. Simplistic yet complex, yup that’s me. This chick, this lady, being all that she can be YET she’s constantly attacked for being one thing, a woman. Nail polish grazes the center of each nail and no I do not feel less than these hard core females trying so hard to be more than me, a woman. Limited? I will not be. No matter how society expects you to see thee. When you look in my direction be not quick to judge face because when I’m viewing this world, I only see one race. Not afraid to show emotions nor anger or closeness so take a sip of this potion because YOU TOO are owning the right to be called a woman. More style than any male, but more grace than a goddess that tip toes across the line that separates heaven and hell. I adore the shell of my well manured fail. Falling into place as I stand here as, a woman. Masculine movements take over thy moments but I will forever keep these feminine mannerisms alive. Rather its the switch of my step, or the panties I kept, I refuse to let the glitter in me not shine so, HERE I AM AS A WOMAN. Instead of Jordan’s, Moccasins cover these toes that are also mounted with loads of shiny things that not only make me smile but bring out the beauty from inside of me AND, I will never regret being anything less than, a woman. So when you see this person, remember not my boyish hair or when I pout and stare. Forget the Fruit of the Looms or the wardrobe I choose and dare to look deeper than skin and see that within, here I am, as a WOMAN.

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